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Additional Services

  • Sandblasting

  • Limestone Yard Art

  • Granite Signs

  • Cleaning/Upkeep Service

We offer sandblasting for all your DIY projects. We can blast a wide variety of metals, getting rid of unwanted paint or rust. All you'll need to do when we are done with your item is paint or prime it, and we recommend as soon as possible because the bare metal will soon rust.

You can decorate your home or yard with a beautiful piece of limestone. We can etch anything you want such as your last name with your favorite sports team logo. There are many possibilities depending on the size of the limestone you get. We have a large assortment of limestone pieces here in our showroom with a variety of local school's mascots and emblems etched into them.

We have a new service we would like to spread around and that is our new Monument Cleaning Service. The price will depend on the size of the stone but the services will remain the same. We will go out to yours or your loved ones stone, wash all dirt and debris away, pull any weeds, trim any over grown grass, square up any vase or your stone if it is on a base, and touch up any place that needs new paint. Basically we want it to shine like it just came out of our shop. Just give us a call to set it up. We can either do a one time deal or we have a monthly plan at a much lower cost where we can upkeep your stone for a year at a monthly subscription. 

If you or your business is looking for a professional and eye catching way to display your companies name than look no further than granite. We use roughly two to three inch thick plates of polished granite and etch your desired lettering about a quarter of an inch deep and stain the letters whatever color you wish. That way it will last for decades to come.

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